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Production process of Jam Jar Glasses

  We believe that every day will come into contact with all kinds of glass products, such as glasses, glass doors, glass Windows and so on. Although we are in constant contact with them, we do not know much about the types and properties of these glasses. However, the lack of understanding of glass materials often leads to various problems. We will introduce the production process of Jam Jar Glasses to help you further understand the quality requirements of Jam Jar Glasses.

Jam Jar Glasses

First, the production process of Jam Jar Glasses

  Jam Jar Glasses production process mainly includes, raw material preprocessing. The bulk raw materials (quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar, etc.) will be crushed to dry the wet raw materials, iron containing raw materials for iron removal treatment, in order to ensure the quality of the Jam Jar Glasses. Batch preparation and melting. The glass compound material is heated at 1550~1600 ℃ in the pool kiln or pool furnace to form uniform, bubble-free liquid glass which meets the molding requirements. The liquid glass is put into the mold to make the desired shape of the glass products, such as plates, various vessels, such as heat treatment. Through annealing, quenching and other processes, to eliminate or produce stress in the Jam Jar Glasses, phase or crystallization, and change the structural state of the Jam Jar Glasses.

Jam Jar Glasses

Second, what quality requirements do Jam Jar Glasses have

  Jam Jar Glasses should have certain performance and reach certain quality standards.

  Jam Jar Glasses quality: pure and even, no sand, stripes, bubbles and other defects. Colorless glass has high transparency; The color of Jam Jar Glasses is uniform and stable, and can absorb certain wavelength of light energy.

  physical and chemical properties: has a certain chemical stability, and does not affect the dressing. It has certain shock resistance and mechanical strength, can withstand washing, sterilization and other heating, cooling process and bear filling, storage and transportation, in the face of general internal and external stress, vibration, impact, can remain intact.

  molding quality: to maintain a certain capacity, weight and shape, uniform wall thickness, smooth mouth, smooth to ensure convenient filling and good sealing. No distortion, surface is not smooth, uneven and crack defects.

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