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How to disinfect Cheap Mini Glass Bottles

A  lot of  people curious about how to disinfect  Glass Bottles ,yes,please flow me!

Preparation equipment:

Cheap Mini Glass Bottles

  1. cleaning brush


     2.95% medicinal alcohol


  1. rubber gloves


  1. operation steps:


  1. Rinse the Cheap Mini Glass Bottles with water and brush it with a small brush.


  1. Put the glass bottle in the pot and blanch it with boiling water for a few times.


  1. Dilute 95% medicinal alcohol into 75% and add 25 ml distilled water every 100 ml.


  1. Soak the glass bottle in alcohol for several minutes.

Cheap Mini Glass Bottles


        Note: Medicinal alcohol is transparent, industrial alcohol is colorful, industrial alcohol can not be used.


        Alcohol is diluted to 75% because 75% is disinfectant.


      5 .remove the dry.


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