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How to prevent the Clear Mugs from breaking

  Nowadays, Clear Mugs gets the favour of consumer more and more, not only have the art glass with stronger adornment effect such as ground glass, hot melt glass, coloured drawing glass, still have a variety of functional glass, the clip that for example sound insulation reduces a noise is mixed glass, hollow glass and the fireproof glass with heat insulation flame-retardant. This article will introduce how to prevent the Clear Mugs from breaking and how to remove the rust from the Clear Mugs.

Clear Mugs

First, how to prevent the Clear Mugs from breaking

  1. put a teaspoon in the cup, when boiling water poured into the bottom of the cup, in has not had time to hot hot Clear Mugs by a poor conductor of heat, water will save a part of good conductors of heat between the metal TSP, as a result, the temperature of the water reduced, it through the boiling water into hot water, the Clear Mugs is no hinders. As for the boiling water, it was not so terrible for the cup, for it was already a little hot.

  2. Put the Clear Mugs in water and boil it for 10 minutes. After the Clear Mugs is heated evenly, it will not generate strong pressure and will not cause the Clear Mugs to break. Or you can put a little hot water in the cup before filling it with boiling water, and then pour the hot water without bursting.

  The reason why the Clear Mugs teapot breaks under the hot water: the Clear Mugs will be broken by the hot water, because of the uneven expansion of the Clear Mugs. When hot water enters the cup, the inner and outer walls of the cup cannot be heated at the same time. At first, only the inner wall of the cup was heated, while the outer wall remained cool, causing the inner part to expand rapidly while the outer wall remained unchanged. So the outside will be subjected to the inside of the strong pressure, the Clear Mugs will break.

Clear Mugs

Second, what method can remove Clear Mugs tea rust

  The tea rust can be wiped off the cup with salt and toothpaste. Above all, the tool that swab is like gauze or paper towel soaks wet, dip in with soggy gauze next on a few edible salt, the gauze that used to dip in salt wipes the tea inside cup rusts, its effect is very notable. Squeeze the toothpaste on the gauze, scrub the stained cup with the toothpaste, if the effect is not significant, you can squeeze more toothpaste to wipe. After rinsing the cup with salt and toothpaste, it is ready to use.

  Clear Mugs tea pot pot body is glass, currently on the market is mostly produced by such a heat-resistant Clear Mugs, and filter and the lid with heat-resistant Clear Mugs or stainless steel metal material, such as whether high borosilicate Clear Mugs, or metal, stainless steel are all food grade of green environmental protection material, consumers can rest assured to drink.

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