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Milk Glass Cups, Water Glass Cup

How to get rid of the smell in the Milk Glass Cups

  Glass is widely used in modern times and has always been a product with large market demand. By using a specific process, we can both make the best use of the properties of the glass and make up for its defects, which are no longer subject to the natural properties of the glass. For example, laminated glass can not only heat insulation, and the debris will not splash injury, safe and reliable. Here's how to remove odors from your Milk Glass Cups and how to remove tea stains from your Milk Glass Cups.

Milk Glass Cups

First, how to get rid of the smell in the Milk Glass Cups

  1. Apple peel can be used to wipe the Milk Glass Cups, remove the effect is very good. And it left behind the aroma of apples. Of course, you can also use soaked tea to wipe, the effect is also remarkable.

  2. Wash a little salt and water in a Milk Glass Cups.

  3.Put a few slices of lemon and orange peel in a Milk Glass Cups, or try a few drops of vinegar.

  4 milk expired can not drink, can be put in the dishcloth soaked, used to wipe the Milk Glass Cups, will soon be able to remove the dirt, to mold flavor is very effective

  5.Add some tea and boil it in water. It is effective to remove mildew

  6.Wipe with toothpaste to remove flavor and tea stains

  7. Hot 60 degrees of white wine through, and then brew strong tea; Put in microwave oven, 400 watts 10 minutes, natural cooling, 24 hours poured out; The smell of the cup completely disappeared.

  8. Wash it with vinegar or wine, or rub it with an orange peel and rub it twice more.

Milk Glass Cups

Second, how to remove tea scale from the Milk Glass Cups

  1. Get rid of the tea scale on the tea partition made of metal, when the tea partition made of metal is used, can become black because of tea scale, if use medium cleaner to also wash not to go, usable vinegar is immersed, or after soaking with bleach can go scale easily.

  2 get rid of the tea scale on Milk Glass Cups or teapot, teacup, teapot with a long time, will be a large number of tea scale, with a sponge dip in salt friction, can be easily removed.

  3. In addition to small pieces of tea scale, it can be soaked in the solution of bleach or cleaning powder, and placed overnight, you can remove the tea scale.

  4 potato skin to tea scale, simple removal method is: help with potato skin. Put potato skin in Milk Glass Cups, put boiling water next, cover up to cover, frowsty 5 ~ 10 minutes, shake a few again up and down, can get rid of the tea scale among them.

  5. Use toothpaste or broken egg shell to scrub, and then rinse with water.

  6. Soak in diluted vinegar for 30 minutes to make it shiny. Delicate tea set, can use cloth to touch vinegar to wipe, the place that finger cannot reach, can use soft bristle toothbrush to touch vinegar, the solution that salt mixes can be wiped gently.

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