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How much for the Cheap Drinking Glasses

        Kirsten is our Belgium customers. The first time I received her inquiry was a fixed inquiry template saying that she wanted a 5oz/8oz/10oz vodka Cheap Drinking Glasses and then asked for the details of the product.At that time, I didn't report too much hope that this is a real customer, But I still hold  her mentality of being a real customer and recommend her some Wine Cups, and attach the recommended size information, capacity and pictures of each product to her for reference.

After reply the inquiry,it took a few days to receive her reply.She told me that during this time she was busy loading containers in Ningbo and so sorry that just saw my message.Very lucky,she tell me that the cup i recommend her she feels good, then let me add her WeChat to communicate more conveniently.

      After adding her WeChat,I quickly sent some picture of our product and took a few videos for her reference. After seeing the photos and videos, she asked” if i could send her all the similar models of the Cheap Drinking Glasses?” I told her” of course!” .After she receiving the samples, she contacted me and said that the samples looked very good. She liked our cup very much and said that she wanted to buy them all. At the time, I felt that this customer is very cute~

Cheap Drinking Glasses


      After i received the quantity of each item she wants,I immediately sent a quotation to her. After the first quotation i was sent, she said that she couldn't open the file and asked me to send a screenshot directly to her.I sent it to her and she told me she will give me a reply at night.I wondered if the customer want to  compare the price and that’s why she said she will give me the answer at night?Then I immediately check the customer's national timetable and sent a message at the appropriate time to ask her what do her think about the quotation i sent to her, she told me that she had just read my offer and felt that the price was good,But one question is that she considers that there was only a little space left in the container in Ningbo.She needs to figure out how much cargo she can hold in her container and then told me how many Cheap Drinking Glasses she will buy from me.

      After receiving she told me the quantity she finally bought, I immediately revised the quotation and sent it to her. she responded quickly and told to her the quotation is ok.After confirming the quotation, She said that we can shipping the goods in October.However, because it happened to hit the September purchasing festival, I told her that she could pay the deposit first to keep the cup in stock and wait until October. And she agreed.

Cheap Drinking Glasses


     After receiving the deposit, the customer told me she has a lot of worries. One is that if the Shot Glasses For Sale will be broken during the transportation ? and the other question is if the quality of mass will as the same as the sample’ order to eliminate her worries, I told her the first time that I can specify these rules on the letter of insurance order to indemnify her.after she heard it,she thanks my advice and help very much!

     In the period of receiving the customer's final payment and smooth  shipment, the communication with the customer through the uninterrupted WeChat communication has gradually developed from stranger to friend relationship. I think this is very wonderful.

I really appreciate her trust in me and thanks her liking our Cheap Drinking Glasses!!!