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Small Jars,4oz Glass Jars

How about  Small Jars

     5.12  I got the inquiry from Ms.Sophie By trade manger,she was looking for Small Jars 250ml,she gave me the size that she wanted .we have the jar very close as her size request,I sent the jar’s picture and video to her,and waiting her reply.


      After for a while,I did not received any news for her, I thought” if she did not like my small jars,or something wrong?”,some more days again,I still not received her news, and I didn’t want to give up,then,I called her,but I didn’t asked anything about the small jars ,just asked her if anything is ok, and  give her regards at first, she told me she was traveling for business,and told me about when she will come back.

Small Jars, Small Jars

      A week passed,finally I got the news for Ms.Sophie,she told me our 4oz glass jars looks very good,but she wanted the lid also,and the lids must be make her company logo, I told her that’s no problem,we often help the clients make logo,she feel that’s good.


     In very soon,we discuss agree make sample for the lids, and we finished the sample as our quickest and immediately sent to her.

Small Jars

      After 5 days,Ms.Sophie received my sample,but she told me this is the first time to cooperation for us,so she will not place the big order to me,that’s a small jars,and asked me if I accept, I think this the door for our long time to cooperation ,so why I refuse the small jars? So I accept it at once, and finished the shipping in 10days.


      From  then, every 4-5 month Ms.Sophie placed a Glass Bottles With Lids order ,and they are all not small order as the first one.