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Cheap Glass Jar,Glass Food Storage Jars

How to get the Cheap Glass Jar

    IMTT is a customer of France,This is a Professional food factory by Cheap Glass Jar, as a long-term cooperation partner, IMTT always trust us,and they place the order to us for every quarter,then their boss told me their products by our Glass Bottles is very popular in France.

At first,the client found us and looking for Glass Jars With Lids,I recommend some Glass Food Storage Jars for him reference,  he choose one of them,and want to some samples, we agree 6 pcs Glass Jars With  Lids for free to him.

Cheap Glass Jar

Everything looks smooth,after several days,client received the samples and to test them,Unfortunately,they told me ,the Cheap Glass Jar is too big for him,and asked us if we have the smaller one, and then ,we sent the other smaller Jam Jar to him,and waiting his news.

Cheap Glass Jar

For a long time, we can’t get their news,no email replied,no message replied, I even though thought we’ve lost this client,

Very lucky,one day,the boss called us and congratulation us,”we through the test!”

Then,we began to discussed the details ,after half month,they place the first order to us!This is our best start to cooperation for the Cheap Glass Jar.