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Drinking Glass Cups,Glass Drinking Cups

Which Drinking Glass Cups is good ?

      "So nice Annie!, I think I am so lucky to know you and be your client! "  one of my Peru clients-- Maria said to me.

       I know Maria is by alibaba , At that time, she is looking for different kinds Drinking Glass Cups,I enclose some of Glass Drinking Cups for her reference, and told to her we are the professional Drinking Glass Cups factory,we have many many different types,and also we can customize as the clients request, Maria hear that was very happy,she told me if the price is ok,then we can cooperation together ,”What a good news !” I think,I am so lucky to meet so forthright client!

Drinking Glass Cups

      Base on admired her frank greatly,I decided give her the bottom price in one time,and sent the quotation to her in a while. Very fast ,I got the reply from Maria,Sure enough,she has no objection to this.we both feel that’s wonderful! One question is she want me send the clear and big enough picture to her,I think that’s no problem,and sent to her immediately,she was satisfied with my service,and for full of the container,she choose some more Tall Drinking Glasses again,I was so Appreciate for her,this is our first time to cooperation,and she is so trust me,what a good client!

     Drinking Glass Cups

    “I will do everything all the best for her!” I talked to myself,just for her forthrights,for her trust!then,we talked about the details for the glass water cup and the shipping and in the meanwhile coming to an agreement,she pay for the payment and we finish the order at last.