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Cheap Beer Mug,Champagne Glasses

Modern Cheap Beer Mug

“Hey I found in your email, this is Troy”,this is the first time i received Troy message on Skype.

       Troy is one of my Australian customer,and we have cooperated for the first time because of the Cheap Beer Mug and the Champagne Glasses.According to the capacity he needs, I immediately recommended our best selling Drinking Glasses to him and sent the photo for him reference.

Cheap Beer Mug 

       After checking my photo,he first asked me “What style printing do you do? Is it pad printing on Cheap Beer Mug?”So i asked him did you want to print the logo on the Cheap Beer Mug?He said “yes” and sent the logo photo to me.I received his logo photo and give him a quotation very soon.

        After a while,he asked me ‘Will the printed logo be easy to drop?”I know this is a problem that many customers are often worried about.I suggest that if the screen is used, the logo will not be easy to drop and i also sent some photos of our other customers Custom Cheap Beer Mug with logos for him to reference.

Cheap Beer Mug

      He accepted my suggestion and i sent the PI to his email soon ,then he told me that these Cheap Beer Mug will be used in July.i replied to him the shipping time is about 15 days and will arrived just in early July.He felt that good!

   After checking  the final PI I sent to him. He accepted the price and placed the order immediately.i felt very surprised and happy Because he is the most forthright customer I contacted.

     This cooperation is very smooth and he also told me that “Your service has been absolutely fantastic!”.I am also very fortunate to meet a needed Modern Drinking Glasses customer who is as friendly as him.