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What Clear Wine Bottles be recycled?

         As an old material, glass can be used not only in the fields of architecture and art, but also in medical and instrumentation. Different types of Clear Wine Bottles have different characteristics and must be taken care of when used. However, most people don't know enough about glass, which often causes some misunderstandings and troubles. In this article, we will introduce how old glass bottles are recycled and reused, as well as the production process of glass bottles.

Clear Wine Bottles 

1. Can old glass bottles be recycled?

        The glass container industry uses about 20% cullet in the manufacturing process to promote melting and mixing with sand, limestone and other materials. 75% of the broken glass comes from the production process of glass containers, and 25% comes from the capacity after consumption.

        Disposal of waste glass bottles (or broken glass frit) for the recycling of raw materials for glass products should pay attention to the following problems.

Clear Wine Bottles

        (1) Fine selection to remove impurities

        Impurities such as metal and ceramics must be removed from the glass bottle reclaimed material because glass container manufacturers need to use high purity raw materials. For example, a metal cover or the like in the cullet may form an oxide that interferes with the operation of the furnace; ceramics and other foreign materials form defects in the production of the container.

        (2) color selection

        Recycling colors is also a problem. Because colored glass cannot be used in the manufacture of colorless flint glass, only a 10% green or flint glass is allowed to be produced when producing amber glass. Therefore, the cullet after consumption must be color-selected by hand or machine. Broken glass can only be used to produce light green glass containers if it is used without color picking.

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